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Tucson Arizona Chapter Tucson Arizona Chapter
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Tucson Arizona Chapter
Tucson Arizona Chapter
Tucson Arizona Chapter Tucson Arizona Chapter

Tucson MOAA has entered into a community outreach partnership with Esperanza En Escalante...
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Tucson Arizona Chapter
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Spring 2019 we honored outstanding cadets from the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps at the University of Arizona (Army, Air Force and Navy/Marine Units) and from the Junior ROTC Detachments at Cienega,  Cholla, Desert View, and Flowing Wells High Schools.   These outstanding cadets received a MOAA Medal and certificate of recognition from the chapter.

The awardees and presenters:

University of Arizona: (Joint award ceremony)

Senior  ROTC Programs                    Awardee                                                       Presenter

 Army –                                                 None this year                                          Col Wojciechowski

Air Force –                                          David Geddes                                           Col Wojciechowski

Navy – 27 April 2016                            None this year

   CMDR Orvik

High Schools: 

Cholla –   20 April 2019 @ 1800            Cadet Brady Smith                       Capt Joe Nadeau

Cienega – 25 April 2019 @1800            Cadet Alex Ciampa                              Major Randy Phelps

Flowing Wells – 1 May 2019 @1900       Cadet Jesse Rice                        LTC Jerry Petersen

Desert View – 25 April 2019 @1800      Cadet Gisell Lopez                           Capt Tom Eiff


Please contact Col John Davee, MOAA Tucson, ROTC Coordinator, for information. (kiddavee@gmail.com or 520-877-8452)

Major Randy Phelps presents MOAA award at Cienega High School:








Capt Tom Eiff presents MOAA award at Desert View High School. 



Tucson Arizona Chapter
Tucson Arizona Chapter
Tucson Arizona Chapter
Tucson Arizona Chapter

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